Jamestown diary sample entry

Randolph were having me, a limp rag, put into a carriage at the door of the hospital. Keep a rhythm that is as moving as the background sounds of the sea. Around lunchtime, heard the distant puck-pucking of AK47s.

Diary of a Jamestown Settler

In fact, however, it is a secondary source because it was written hundreds of years later. Include these questions in notes. A full transcript is available. The title of the account to be credited is listed below and to the right of the debit, followed by the amount to be credited.

What did their clothing look like. However, if it decreased our asset account such as paying our small business bills, we would record it on the second line and on the right side to show a decrease in that account. Miss Sallie Tompkins said, "If you could only leave your beauty at the door and bring in your goodness and faculty.

Finish each daily journal entry with a summary of what was accomplished in the day's research and how you feel about what you accomplished.

Mama, Ethel, Steve Places. That night I had three men follow me into the forest after Smith. John Carter of Augusta, Ga. What conclusions can you draw about Brandt knowing that he continued to search for precious metals after most Jamestown settlers were involved in agriculture.

IB English B

Another colonist lit the fuse and we ran as fast as we could back to the colony. The digital reproduction and transcriptions can then be shared with the world. Elliptical sentences are sometimes used sparingly i. Annotation One of the most interesting aspects of working with a primary resource is annotation.

What were teenagers reading. This activity is to afford students the opportunity to assess sample journal entries with the same rubric as their self-generated journal entries. To assess if a student is successful and to what level, check the accuracy of incorporating within the written entry, historical facts, personal insight, and the ability to use the graphic organizer as a source for information to guide the contents of the entry.

What do you notice that separates them from a secondary source of historical information, such as a textbook. In this lesson, you will build an understanding of the expectations of the journal entries and the journal rubric. I as a gentleman is just here on this journey to see if his prediction was right.

This letter from Jamestown colonist Sebastian Brandt to Henry Hovener, a Dutch merchant living in London, provides a snapshot of the colony in flux. Logs are also used by aircraft pilots, maintenance workers, and computer technicians. He was dying in a cot, ill of fever. Be started our exploration with the personal information page show below.

Is Kohomo lake actually Lake Takoma. We were starving and men were dying of illness. What you need to present, or read, are entries that are exemplars of the type of entries you expect from the children and that are aligned with the journal rubric.

Of course, there is no right or wrong answer as long as journal traits and rubric expectations are followed.

November 6, Lesson 3 in the Basic Accounting series:.

Diary and journal entries

In the exam, you may be asked to write a series of diary entries or simply one diary entry. The main point to note about diary entries is that they should give the reader an insight into the type of person who is writing them.

There are three types of diary entry. Jamestown. Jamestown was one of the first attempts to establish a colony by the English settlers.

The key word in the previous sentence: attempts. This word implies that the feat attempted was not a success, and in this case, the implication is quite correct. Jamestown failed because of severely strained Indian relations over resource supplies, an almost absolute lack of planning, which is a.

Page One Connection November 17, City Police Seeking Information On Friday Shooting. No one was injured when several shots rang out Friday afternoon in the city of Jamestown.

What is Knowledge Champ?

Research Diary - Example Entry. Open as Template View Source Download PDF. Author. Mikhail Klassen. View Count. License. Other (as stated in the work) Abstract. This is a template for keeping a digital Research Diary in LaTeX, with an example entry and placeholder for your university /.

The Journal Entries provide a way for students to make personal connections to the material and to apply the concepts learned in the text. For student convenience, Word files of the Journal Entries are provided for the printed texts listed below.

Description of Journal Entry. Paid $3, salaries. Results of Journal Entry. Cash balance decreases by $3, --> Decrease in Assets Salaries Expense account balance increases by $3, --> Increase in Expenses Example 7: Operating Activities The company paid $1, rent.

Jamestown diary sample entry
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